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Our History – The Athletic Program at Holy Trinity G O C Bridgeport

Prior to World War II, Holy Trinity participated very little in athletic competition. From 1932-1933 and from 1935-1936, the Parish had a team in the YMCA’s Inter-Church Basketball League. In 1941, a Senior team, the Holy Trinity Grinders, represented the parish at the Y, and in 1943, a Junior team was also entered. After the war, in 1946, the Greek American Youth League (now GOYA), was formed. GOYA
sponsored the Athletic Program, under William Trifiatis as the Director, for the Church’s youth. This
program embraced all children from eight years and 1981 1970s over. It had an annual Athletic Budget of a minimum $635.00 per year. The Athletic Program included Basketball and Softball with approximately
eighty children participating. It also sponsored a Bowling League for the recreation of its members
and friends.

The Parish had a minimum of one team in each division each year, and sometimes up to four, which
represented Holy Trinity at the YMCA. Games were played between other Orthodox and Protestant
Church teams in the Greater Bridgeport area. The Greek American Youth League sponsored all the
teams, and purchased all the uniforms and equipment. Practices were held at the First Methodist
Church on Golden Hill Street at a very minimum cost for many years until the Parish’s gym was built.

In 1950, the Youth organization changed its name in to GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth of America),
and became a part of a national organization that was approved by the Archdiocese. The Church’s basketball teams won many championships at the YMCA’s Church League, and received national recognition. 

In the late 1960s, the gym was completed to include a new hardwood floor, all new baskets, lockers , bleachers, and other equipment that was needed to conduct the Athletic Program that had been envisioned. Bill Trifiatis was still the Director and Louis Carawlanis was the Treasurer of the Athletic

In 1969, a group of representatives from five Eastern Orthodox churches in the Bridgeport-New Haven area met to discuss the feasibility forming a basketball league. Their goal was to offer Orthodox youth the
opportunity to participate in an organized athletic activity with the hope of developing fellowship and sportsmanship. The Athletic Committee of Holy Trinity Church, Bridgeport was instrumental in fostering the creation of the league. Its Committee Chair, Bill Trifiatis, skillfully guided the inaugural 1969-1970 season.  The charter members that participated were: Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox (Bridgeport);
St. Barbara Greek Orthodox (New Haven); St. Dimitrie Romanian Orthodox (Bridgeport); St. George Albanian Orthodox (Bridgeport); St. John the Baptist American Carpatho Russian (Bridgeport); and St. Nicholas Syrian Orthodox (Bridgeport). The enthusiastic response to the first season's play led to the expansion of the league from the original nine team Intermediate and Senior divisions, to twenty-eight teams and two more divisions : Midgets and Juniors.  The following additional churches joined the league for the 1970-1971 season: Assumption Greek Orthodox (Danbury); Church of the Assumption Greek Orthodox (Stamford); and St. George Greek Orthodox (Hartford). The success of the program had been tremendous, with approximately 500 youth and adults participating in the four divisions every Saturday and Sunday during the basketball season of November through April. This new organization was
named CEOBL (Connecticut Eastern Orthodox Basketball League). Many funds were raised through the efforts of the Athletic Committee. The proceeds would go towards reducing the debt of the Church loan. The wives of the committee members ran the snack bar as another means for raising funds. Bill Trifiatis became the permanent director of the CEOBL, and Louis Carawlanis was its Treasurer. This league was probably the first inter-orthodox basketball organization of its kind in the country.

In 1978, after 32 years, Bill Trifiatis resigned as Athletic Director. Jim Trigonis, who was a member of the Athletic Committee, succeeded Bill as Director. In 1979, the Holy Trinity Midget basketball team was the first team in the CEOBL to have a girl play in the league. Vicky Spyrou (Andriotis) played for Holy Trinity . Vicky's participation was a precursor to the girls’ volleyball league.

In 1985, Dimitrios Trigonis and Alex Boutsoulis from Holy Trinity Waterbury, started the Connecticut
Eastern Orthodox Volleyball League. George Fatsi was the Assistant Director during Dimitrios Trigonis’ tenor. Nick Vomvas was the first coach of Holy Trinity’s girls’ volleyball team, and he laid a very successful foundation that has enabled the volleyball program to thrive until present day. Nick’s teams won the first five championships. Holy Trinity won 9 of the first 10 championships and 15 of the first 20 championships. Some other names that have volunteered their time throughout the years to the volleyball program are Eleftheria Fatsi, Michele Papadimitriou (Belperone), Peter Taxilarides, Gus Anastasiou,
George Christopoulos , Luke Thomas, Stella Katsetos, and Terry Toth. 

In 1986, due to health issues, Dimitrios Trigonis stepped down as Athletic Director. Jim Feris served
as the Athletic Director from 1986-1991, and followed by Tom Trigonis in 1991. John Crowe, Pericles
Koutroulas, and Chris Danas have also served as Athletic Directors. 

Throughout the years, many people have been dedicated to Holy Trinity’s Athletic programs. Among them was Louis Carawlinas. Lou’s commitment to Holy Trinity dates back to the 1940’s. His love for the youth of our community was evident in his dedication in the time he spent in the gymnasium, along with Mr. James Mellas. Lou’s brother, Peter, who was killed in action in WWII, has a trophy named in his honor that is given out yearly to a 1980-1987 Volleyball Champs 81 Midget Champs  Senior or Intermediate player who exemplifies outstanding sportsmanship and dedication to Holy Trinity Church. Lou spent the better part of 70 years volunteering his time to our athletics and the church in

The Holy Trinity Athletic program continues to provide a place for the youth of the community to congregate and enjoy the fellowship of playing with other Orthodox communities throughout Connecticut
and New York.


Chris Danas,  Director 



Coaching Staff 

Farm - John Tsiflides 

Youth - Division 1 Basketball (Midgets) – George Andriotis and Tom Hallas

JV/ Divison 2 Basketball (Juniors) – Mark Schiller and Chris Danas

Varsity / Division 3 Basketball (Intermediates) – Chris Danas

Senior Basketball – Lee Tsouris

Varsity Volleyball –  Head Coach- Terry Toth, Assistant - Amelia


Practice Schedule 2014-2015


Farm team (ages 7 & under): 

Thursdays,   5:30p.m. - 6:15p.m.


Youth (Midgets) Div. 1: Thursdays,  6:00-7:00 p.m.

JV (Juniors)/ Div. 2 and Varsity (Intermediates) Div.3:                  

Tuesdays: JV/Varsity 7:30 to 8:30
Thursdays:  7:00 to 8:30


Senior Division: Thursdays,  8:45 p.m.


Farm & JV:  Wednesdays,  6:30-7:30 p.m.
Varsity:      Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 p.m.


Important Forms & Links

Athletic Programs Forms Packet - Includes Player Registration From, Team Roster Registration, Player Oath of Conduct, Parent Pledge Form, Coach Oath of Conduct, Coaching Application, etc... 

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