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Our Sunday School 

Saint Philip the Deacon


" St. Philip the Deacon, patron saint of our Religious Education Department, was one of the seven assistants to the Apostles in the  early Church of Jerusalem (Acts 6:1-6). He was also an inspired evangelist and teacher whose missionary work brought a multitude of new believers to Christ in Samaria and other cities on the coast of Palestine (Acts Chap. 8).   We read in the Book of Acts (8:26-36) about Philip meeting an Ethiopian nobleman on the road to Gaza after pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The nobleman was reading a passage from the book of Isaiah, and Philip asked him, "Do you understand what you are reading?" The nobleman replied, "How can I unless I have someone to guide me?" Philip joined him in his chariot and taught him "the good news." The heart of the Ethiopian was won, and when they came to an oasis he asked, "What is to prevent my being baptized?" and Philip baptized him into the Faith.from goarch.org



Our History – Sunday School at 

Holy Trinity G O C Bridgeport


Our Sunday School has served the children of the Parish for many years, and was reorganized by Father Bill Kehayes and Presvytera Christine Kehayes in the late 50s. Presvytera Christine served as the Department’s first Director, and served in that capacity for many years.

Having no formal books at the time, Father Bill wrote lessons and printed all of the materials to be used by the School. The move to Park Avenue offered far more spacious accommodations and suitable surroundings for the children of the Parish. New books and programs offered by the Archdiocese’s Department of Religious Education were adopted.


Through the years, the Department has made much progress. Children participate in the Saint John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival, as well as the Department’s Vacation Church School. The Parish has been blessed to have had the following Sunday School Directors over the years: Presvytera Christine Kehayes, Stella Capiris, Gloria Tallcouch, Evangeline Zarras, and Eva Vaniotis.  Our current Director is Tom Hallas.


Printable Curriculum Materials & 

Student Worksheets

Our first grade book will soon be out of stock, so we are making it available here for free download until further reprints.

First Grade: Me and My World Teacher Guide 
The focus of this program is on Creation as God’s gift. In discovering the world, the child understands that the family, friends, church school—all come from God. Through depictions of the daily experiences of God’s world, the child comes to realize that God is real, loving, and caring.

Entire book in one file or:

Unit 1: About Me

Unit 2: About Your Orthodox Faith

Unit 3: About Your Family

Unit 4: About Your Church

Unit 5: About People

Unit 6: About Your World

Unit 7: Learning About Church Holy Days



Several of our older books are no longer available in print, but are available here for free download.

Come Receive the Light Vol 1
These sixteen studies provide young people with an honest, direct approach to the challenges confronting all Christians. Topics such as the nature of Christ, the Cross, Bible Study, prayer, discipleship and the Church are related to appropriate scriptural passages, all of which are made relevant to our daily lives.

Come Receive the Light Vol 2
Sixteen more studies exploring practical aspects of the Christian adventure: How to Worship, How to Know God's Will, Enjoy God's Gifts and more. The studies lead young people to know how to deal with such difficulties as evil, personal conflicts, non-Christians religious, prejudices and death.

The Creed Teachers' Guide
Basic Teachings of the Greek Orthodox Church. This discussion of the Nicene Creed—the foundation of our Faith—begins with a review of Christianity, the Church and Tradition. It offers a definition and an explanation of the Creed.

CANA Curriculum Student Worksheets

The CANA curriculum engages teenagers by showing them how Orthodoxy is applicable to
their lives through a variety of pertinent, contemporary issues.  Free, printable student sheets are available below. Each lesson may be taught during one class period or over a several week period. Worksheet 1  /  Worksheet 2 /  Worksheet 3  / WorksheetWorksheet 5  /   Worksheet 6 / Worksheet 7 /  Worksheet 8 /  Worksheet 9  / Worksheet 10 /  Worksheet 11  / Worksheet 12




Tom Hallas,  Director 



Director’s Assistant: Bill Vaniotis 


Pre-Nursery: Small Room 

Nursery: Eleni Sandalidis / Evangelia Sandalidis - Room 1 

Kindergarten: Maria Gountas / Chrysoula Vlamis - Room 2 

1st Grade: Vasiliki Rousas / Olivia Hayes - Room 3 

2nd Grade: Cindy Waldron / Debra Badas -Room 5 

3rd Grade: Johnna Vereb / Sylvie Papageorge-Room 6 

4th Grade: Angeliki Georgakpoulis / Janice Pavlides Hayes-Room 7 

5th Grade: Alexandra McGoldrick / Tatiana Rivera - Board Room

6th Grade: Gloria Tallcouch / Tommy Sandalidis- Room 10 

7th Grade: Janice Bouloubasis / Eleni Georgakopolis - Room 9 

8th Grade: George Nakos / Chris Waldron -Room 8

9th Grade: TBD

10th Grade: Sophia Hallas-YAL Room

Substitutes: Lourdes Pertesis 

2015 - 2016 -  Children’s Assignments by  Year of Birth, Age, and  Grade.

Year of Birth Age Grade
2012 3 Nursery
2011 4 pre-K
2010 5 K
2009 6 1st
2008 7 2nd
2007 8 3rd
2006 9 4th
2005 10 5th
2004 11 6th
2003 12 7th
2002 13 8th
2001 14 9th
2000 15 10th



Fr. Georgios Livaditis, Presbyter


Tom Hallas Director (522-5022) e-mail 


Alexandra McGoldrick    203-880-9409 
Angeliki Georgakpoulos   203-268-3196 
Bill Vaniotis                   203- 929-1205
Chris Waldron                203- 292-6255
Chrysoula Vlamis           203-268-5464 
Cindy Waldron               203- 292-6255 
Debra Badas                 203-944-9220 
Eleni Demesihas           203-380-2923
Eleni Georgakopoulos    203-268-3196
Eleni Sandalidis             203- 664-1067 
George Nakos               203-254-4429 
Gloria Tallcouch            203-929-9954 
Janice Bouloubasis       203-336-2116 
Janice Pavlides Hayes   203-451-6186
Johnna Vereb               203-375-2178
Lourdes Pertesis           203- 330-9380 
Olivia Hayes                 203-856-9386 
Sophia Hallas               203-522-5022 
Sylvie Papageorge        203-450-3402 
Tatiana Rivera               203-924-1577 
Tommy Sandalidis        203-664-2067
Vasiliki Roussas           203-426-1859 


Classes are held:

Every Sunday at 10:00 am. Why not join us? Just fill out the registration form or email us at the above address.


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Orthros: 8:45am 

Divine Liturgy: 10:00am




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